consultingInternet Consulting is a broad term, unlike “online marketing” or “search engine optimization” or “website designer” which are terms that all focus on one skill. Internet consulting is a term that is best applied to the overall development of strategies for businesses trying to maximize their online potential.

Woot Marketing assist clients with the development of online strategies by providing education through workshops and training. Selection of the right tools, application, content management systems or alignment with the appropriate service providers can greatly improve the ability of your business to perform online.

We believe that the Internet and most importantly your company’s website shouldn’t be a mystery to you. Woot Marketing offers consulting in the following areas:

Our focus is always on the long term growth of your company and it’s site. We realize that a website should enhance a company’s image, this goal can only be achieved through proper integration with your existing corporate strategies.

What ever your consulting needs we will take the time necessary to ensure you understand the technologies and processes involved in your Company’s Internet venture.

Please contact us today for all your Website Consulting requirements!

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*After hours charge of $150 per hour after hours of 6pm EST if urgency required.
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Web Design – planning, technology, development

Website Project Planning

  • Defining your sites’ purpose
  • Project layout, management
  • Budget Analysis
  • Long-term planning for your site (maintenance & updates)
  • Putting together the right team.


  • What technologies should you use to develop your site?
  • Budget analysis, in respect to both which technologies to use, and how to plan out the implementation of various stages of your site.
  • Hosting your site, what you need.


  • Development of site framework
  • Implementation of web design
  • Quality Assurance and Functionality testing

Optimization (SEO) – coding, accessibility, internet marketing


  • Analysis and comparison of existing code to updated standards based code
  • Recommendations and guidance to ensure usability is maintained without compromising image


  • Analysis and recommendations to ensure your website meets the basic criteria for WCAG 1.0 and 2.0 Accessibility requirements
  • Assistance with implementation
  • Discussion on future requirements including RDFa and it’s impact and implementation

Internet Marketing

  • Developing a long term marketing strategy for your website
  • Search Engine Optimization, Submissions, Positioning
  • PPC campaign analysis
  • Content development

Marketing – image, social media, management

Company Image and the Internet

  • Maintaining your Company’s image through appropriate design.
  • Domain name decision, what’s the best choice?
  • Web Design & Site Development.
  • Integrating your website with existing Marketing initiatives.

Social Media

  • Social Networking (probably the most important marketing tool you need)
  • Social Bookmarking what it is, it’s power, how to use it effectively
  • Setting up your company’s social profiles

Internet Management

  • Develop a flexible management plan for your website.
  • Set long and short term goals for website management with regard to maintenance and updates.