Facebook Page Analytics – Knowing the Markets You’re Reaching

by Garreth Dickson on April 26, 2014

Facebook and many other social media avenues are taking the world by storm. They’re becoming one of the top used applications on smart phone devices, computers and tablets. It is rare to meet someone who isn’t apart of a social media platform and even more rare to not find businesses on them too.

As the popularity of Facebook continues to grow, businesses and website owners are becoming even more sucked in to the Facebook pages realms. Many create these Facebook “pages” in hopes to get likes from all over the world and have thousands upon thousands of fans. When you’re starting to grow and seeing more people on your Facebook page, you’ll also notice more data is appearing in the Facebook Insights, which is Facebook pages analytics for your specific fan page.

Many don’t really look over these analytics excessively like we do with Google Analytics and Bing Analytics, but should we be?

Facebook Pages Insights Information

You’d be amazed at the data recorded by Facebook within the Insights area. Many are just trying to get a large amount of likes and comments on specific posts, but did you know you could cater your page even more to specific countries & regions by simply checking out your Insights?

Facebook Insights provides a wide array of information including:

  • Gender & Age
  • Country Location
  • Top Cities
  • Top Languages
  • Unique Users by Frequency
  • Like Sources
  • Page Views
  • Tab views

When you’re attempting to increase the number of fans you have on your Facebook Page, this is an area you will want to review. Having the ability to know where you’re being accessed from can play a major role on your overall fan like success.

By doing relevant posts to popular regions, you’re more likely to grab attention of your readers. You are providing relevant information & posts to their region, meaning they’ll like the post and their friends could also see it & like it too.

The following is an example of a Facebook Pages Insights screen. As you can see, it is displaying a good amount of information all specific to your own Facebook Page.

*Information blacked out for privacy purposes and varies for each individual Facebook Insights screen.

Increasing Your Insights Reach

Another thing you’ll be able to benefit from with the Facebook Insights is determining countries and cities you want to reach that are lower. You may have a small handful of people in these regions but want to increase it. The insights allows you to see where your fans are located and gives you the opportunity to increase the numbers by providing these regions information they want.

You can view your insights information for quite a few months allowing you to see the increase and decrease of data being pulled. This allows you to gauge if your processes are working or not, giving you the necessary testing information to continue successfully.

Knowing the markets you’re reaching can play a major role in your success as a Facebook Page owner. This information gives you a lot of knowledge for who is liking you and where they are from. You can cater to your popular regions as well as introduce smaller regions to you by simply posting relevant information on your Facebook Page regularly.

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