Facebook Saves the Day – New Save Feature for Mobile & Desktop Users

by Garreth Dickson on July 26, 2014

Even though Facebook is the common place we find ourselves wasting hours upon hours surfing, stalking, whatever we are doing when we should be doing something else; it is apart of our lives. Just look at how much this social media network has grown in its ten years of life


With stats like that, it is about time Facebook did something that would give us our lives back a little; not much but a little!

Facebook Gives You Save 

We’ve all been there, found something absolutely amazing to read/watch but we are in the middle of something that we know we can’t pull ourselves away from. This is so common for us all. However, with Facebook being a constant updated feed it can be impossible to find it ever again if it doesn’t go viral.

Facebook recently introduced a new feature that should of been introduced a long time ago, Save. A save feature. You wouldn’t think something so simple would make such a tremendous social shock, but it has. It is something so simple, it is shocking it wasn’t done a long time ago. Now people can save links, places, movies/tv/music, anything that shows up on Facebook Save for your later viewing.


Privacy Still in Mind

Don’t want others to know what you’re saving? Unlike our wall shares, unless you take the time swapping to private (Only Me) on each post you don’t want others to see, it is out there for the world. Facebook however did something great with the Facebook Save feature; it is private unless you state otherwise. You choose if you want to share with your friends and which friends you even want to share them with.

We all know privacy is important to us all. Facebook is a hub for privacy infringement so having a little added security is nice; and it is nice knowing we don’t have to share everything to give it a read later on.

Access Anywhere, Save Everywhere 

One of the key features of this new Save feature is that you’ll be able to save on one device and open on another. Facebook’s goal is to have the save feature usable on all mobile device operating systems, as well as desktop devices. The list is everywhere you have Facebook!

Now you may be thinking, over time your list is going to get massive. We know this. The Facebook save feature will have category itemization as well as Archive. If you’ve read it, archive it. Ready for your friends to see it? Simply swipe right and select Share.


Overall, the save feature even though so simple is going to make waves on Facebook. People can finally have their lives back in real time and access those must read items when time allows it! This is one feature that should of been developed a long time ago but better late then never.



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