Social Media Marketing

Many organizations get into and participate in social media in a way that can be damaging to their business. Without a proper social media strategy, your presence online can be adding more noise instead of providing value.

At WOOT Marketing, our Internet marketing specialists offer a variety of social media services:

Strategy development: We understand how to properly integrate social media into business. Together we will develop a strategy that works for your business, your target audience, and your marketing goals. We can also put together a content strategy for your social media sites to help you continually communicate your message effectively.

Account set up and optimization: Whether you want to set up a Twitter account, a Facebook business page, a YouTube channel or a Google Places page, just like with your website, it’s important to conduct SEO so you get found. We can set up and optimize your social media profiles for search.

Brand development: Having a consistent voice and look across your website, your social media profiles and your physical locations can increase your credibility and authority. Our designers and Internet marketers will develop a look and voice for your social media profiles.

Blog creation and strategy development: Integrate a blog with your website to better communicate with customers, boost search engine optimization on your site and showcase your business. We can help you implement a blog, set you up with analytics tracking to monitor performance, and develop a content creation strategy to help you communicate effectively on an ongoing basis.

Consultation and training: Not sure what the difference is between a retweet and a mention? Unsure about the benefits of a Facebook fan page? We provide in-depth training and consultation on best practices across various social media sites.

Measuring social media success: Without monitoring and tracking, it is difficult to determine the success of your social media initiatives. We set you up with tools to monitor what’s being said about your business and the effectiveness of your social media initiatives.

Go beyond your website and engage your audience with social media marketing. Our experts can help you identify where and how to get started building your presence on social media websites today.

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