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The Importance of Keyword Research

We’ve all heard it, we’ve all tried it and we’ve all ignored it… keyword research. When I first decided to jump into Internet marketing to earn money on the Internet, I had no idea what a “keyword” was and struggled to make a sense out of it. After I was beginning to understand the keyword, the word “research” was kicking my heels. After I began to understand the process of research, I was absolutely horrified. The process involved with the keyword research is so tedious! Why on earth should I go through all that!

And like most of the newbies I tried to ignore it.

Keyword Research Makes a Huge Difference

It took me a year of fruitless struggle in Internet marketing before I came to understand the importance of keywords in Internet marketing. Now I am fully aware that keyword research is the key to earn money on the Internet or failure to earn money on Internet.

A keyword is simply a word phrase. It is used to get specific information about any specific issue from search engines. If I want to know about Polar penguin behavior, I would open any search engine home page and type “polar penguin behavior” in the search box. Now we can say the phrase “polar penguin behavior” is a keyword.

In Internet marketing the only thing a marketer can market is his content. The content might be his product or he can market other product through his content. He can prepare a good article and upload to a website or a blog, but how on earth will he ensure that the people who are searching are getting the exact information they wanted? How he will ensure that his content is viewed by people and his product is bought as a result?

If nobody reads his content there is no chance of a purchase and no chance to earn money on the Internet.

Search Engines Control the Virtual World

The search engines forward the content to the viewers depending on the search term and relevancy. That is why keywords are so important. Without keywords, you are merely throwing together content for only those who know your domain to see. You’re minimizing your reach and deterring the opportunity to have any financial gain via your website.

Prime object of keyword research is to determine a profitable search phrase. A profitable search phrase is the phrase people use over and over again for finding certain products, services or information. A profitable keyword is that search term which is not only highly searched but also less competitive.

Determining What Keyword Will Work

This is a process that has taken some people years to learn. How to find the perfect keyword. It does vary with each niche market. Some keyword phrases are easy to do while others are so competitive it becomes a keyword war. People will do anything to rank at the top of the SERPs for that word and you’ll find yourself struggling. This is why it is recommended to turn to words that are less competitive.

Many use long tail keywords to do this. Sure, the traffic is less but if you rank in the top 5 for 50 long tail keywords versus ranking in top 5 for 1 highly competitive keyword you’ll still receive quality traffic.

Using the Google tools to find good keywords is great. They show you the competitiveness of the keywords, they offer you information on the amount searched and it also shows you where you can wiggle in and take over the “world”. This is why it is important to do your research. Take the time!

If your main goal on the Internet is to make money, you will need to make an effort to do so. Put in the leg work from the beginning and you’ll be on the path to virtual financial success, even if it is a little slower than you may expect.

Judgement and controversary are things that we all experience throughout our lives. Sometimes it’s good & other times it’s bad. Whether you’re an avid Internet marketer; a small town blogger or a huge brand there is something you’ll always want to consider, your virtual reputation.

People Will Google You!

We’ve all done it, Googled ourselves. Don’t say you haven’t because you have. Since the introduction of search engines people began trying to find ways to stump them, whether by searching for the most random thing of existence or individual people. At first, no one thought they’d find anything for their own name but a decade later it is merely impossible to stump the SERPs.

Even though you may not see the importance of how you look virtually, others will. You don’t have to have any affiliation with marketing or other Internet practices to have people looking you up either. Job interviews lead to the classic Google search & in many cases the social media creep. People everywhere use the Internet to find out everything they can about anything, especially people they encounter.

Don’t Give Them Something to Judge

Did you ever think you’d have control over what people see when they search your name, business name or brand? You’d be amazed at how many people do not look at this information ever. Taking the time to know what is coming up when people are searching you is important. Who really wants that photo from 10 years ago of you & your then young friends being dingbats out having some fun? I know I wouldn’t.

Taking control of how people see you instantly can be easy with a little effort. Give them something you want them to see, whether it’s a feature about how amazing you are wrote by someone else or having all your social media appear right away.

Manipulating the Search Engines

There are steps you can take to put the good things at the top and the bad things no where in sight when it comes to reputation management. If the bad outweighs the good, I think it’s time you reconsider your processes and attempt being a nicer person/business.

This isn’t really manipulating versus encouraging higher placement of the quality, want people to see stuff. Some ways you can increase your rankings for reputation management include:

  • Link building 
  • Social media shares
  • Content updates
  • Get updated cache dates

You want to do these things on the lower ranked items to give them a push closer to the top.

For example, when you search WOOTMarketing in Google, you’ll instantly see our social media profiles. Usually this happens very easily but as your popularity builds this could change drastically.

Now, do a search for WOOT Marketing Scam. You’ll be pleasantly surprised that the results showing are quality results. The first 5 results relate to us including a previous article we wrote, Avoiding the Internet Marketing Scam.

Businesses should continuously monitor their reputation on the Internet, just as much as individuals. People can post anything on the Internet to destroy another individual or business, so monitor it. Don’t let yourself give a bad impression right away and manage how you look online.

Are you in need of reputation management or learning how to manage your own reputation online? Simply contact us for more information on how we can help you with your virtual reputation today.

A top question WOOTMarketing receives is ways that you can increase the amount of unique monthly visits (UMV). It is something every website owner would love to be able to do and can be very beneficial for your overall website success. The more people coming to your domain the better, but how do we seriously do it? Let’s find out!

What Exactly Are Unique Monthly Visits

Alright, let’s start with the basic information so every level of Internet addicts can understand this. Unique monthly visits are the number of non-repeat visitors coming to your domain each month. This means it is their first time ever touching your website in any way.

The number of unique monthly visits is always going to be less then your overall monthly visits. No really. Always less. If it is not, something is wrong with your analytics and you should be looking into that. The only way the UMV visits is going to be larger then your overall monthly visits is if it’s your first month with analytics on your domain and people only come once, which is another bad thing! This means you aren’t offering enough to keep people coming back, or again there is something else going on and seriously, check into it.

Ways to Increase UMV 

Increasing your unique monthly visits can shockingly be a lot of work, whether you are a new domain or an old domain. Increasing your website traffic is something we all want to do, but keeping new people coming is also something we want to do. Yes, having repeat readers is great but if you’re a shop will they buy every single time they come to you? Not likely. This is the same with websites offering services and websites offering just content; such as bloggers.

Getting new readers takes effort. It takes you reaching out to others and putting yourself out there. Some content developers have the ability to attract readers by using amazing SEO techniques getting them increased organic searches in the SERPs as well as better rankings. Your content is what will keep people coming to your domain, and offering new content will increase your chances of new visitors as well.

Some of the best ways to increase your UMV include:

  • Regularly updated/new content
  • Social media sharing
  • Community discussions
  • Connecting with others in similar niche markets
  • Writing for others and others writing for you

Social Media is a Key Player to UMV’s

Without social media, it has grown hard to get new visitors that aren’t looking for niche specific products/services/information. Having a solid social media standing can play a major role in increasing your UMV’s each month. The more active you are, the more active your communities will be as well. Get in there, get involved and get seen.

You also have to remember, this doesn’t mean you just stick to chit chatting in your own social media communities. Comment on others, share other peoples stuff and give some quality conversations. People will be more likely to come read what you got going on if they see you’re active with others, attracting them to you.

Social media shouldn’t be used just for promotion either. Sure, there are a lot of offers or ideas you want to share. Realistically, social media was designed for people to be social with each other; not just individually. Stop sitting promoting that amazing piece of content and get out there talking & socializing.

Spread Yourself Out to Other Websites 

Want to really get out there? Offer guest blogging and being a guest blogger for others. This not only brings a new voice to your website but also works awesome for getting relevant links to your domain if you are guest blogging on relevant websites.

By guest blogging on other peoples websites you are getting into their website traffic, being seen by even more people. Don’t be rude though and ask for the amount of views that website has each month. You’re guest blogging, don’t be so picky! Find relevant websites that have similar interests as your very own website and offer a reciprocal content exchange with inclusion of links. There may be some bloggers that are a little bit snotty about this offer & request some financial input, so just move on from them & don’t continue to other bloggers that are commenting on their websites as they likely all talk and will talk about you!

Increasing your unique monthly visits sadly takes time and a lot of effort. If you truly want it you will have to work for it. Nothing happens over night anymore on the Internet… if it does don’t expect it to last long as it is probably just another glitch of the SERPs.

Virtual employees, both a blessing and a headache all in itself. Have you recently noticed that your ghostwriter is beginning to slack massively and you can’t seem to find another ghostwriter that can do nearly the same amount of work or is right out of your price range? This seems to be happening a lot and many people are finding themselves stuck with not knowing what to do.

Becoming Your Own Content Developer

This may sound completely ridiculous, but if you think of the money you would save and the time you would save having to explains things to someone else it will be worth the time you take to become a ghostwriter yourself. There are some things you’ll want to learn right away especially if you have done very minimal amounts of writing but mainly if you can put all those inventive thoughts into ideas you are bound to become an amazing ghostwriter and do all your ghostwriting, web content writing, and article writing all on your own.

As a content developer for your own business, you become in complete control of what’s being seen on your domain. One suggestion we always recommend is keep your editor/proofreader. These employees are very beneficial when you’re developing the content yourself. They are more likely to see your errors and pinpoint sentence drags then you, the writer. Editors can be costly, but in a business stand point worth every penny.

Content Development Done Right

Content is the key to your virtual success. Without content, your domain would rarely update which would in turn have the search engines rarely caching your domain. Content development isn’t something that only happens once either. It is a continuous process including rewriting previous content to keep it up to date and current.

When your website seems to be completely filled of that useless junk you should right away get on rewriting the information. Some information becomes out of date over time so updating it on a regular basis can let you have useful content that everyone will want to read. This also helps bring back repeat readers as they’ll trust your content and your domain, as you take the time to be up to date.

With the amount of websites out there that already have bad content the last thing you want to do is become apart of them. Take the time to go through your website and look for information that may be out of date or just no longer useful. There is bound to be something somewhere so look closely.

Continuing Quality Content 

Writing web content can be a huge stress on anyone if they don’t know how to do it correctly. By learning how to take control of your content you are bound to see some beneficial results in no time. When you are first starting out remember to do a few of the following things to start your way to having great quality content:

  • Have descriptive titles
  • Address your topic directly
  • Break your content up
  • Put a summary of the article

Quality content is necessary if you expect to be successful. A website can’t be of quality without starting right at the roots. Websites are about more then just high res images and offers. The content is the bones of your body and a body needs strong bones to survive.

It can be hard for anyone to become a ghostwriter but it is something anyone can do if they just try. With the amount of content available online you are bound to find something where your ghostwriting is going to be needed. Get your content seen, but become the ghost behind the superb work without having to pay the costly fees for someone else to be doing it for you.